LD Technology™ logo refreshed

LD Technology™ logo refreshed

A consistent identity to complement our innovative formula.

What changed?

  • LOW DERMA™ is now the core formula of LD Technology™.
  • The tagline ‘Technology In Skin Protection’ is now ‘Advanced Glove Technology’.
  • The LD™ logo has been redefined to improve the clarity of our technology umbrella.

Why change?

  • As LD Technology™ continues to innovate, it is only natural that the brand identity keeps pace.
  • LOW DERMA™ started out as the main component of our technology in 2016 but as we progressed, we wanted to do more for glove users without losing the core protection value that first created this glove technology. LOW DERMA™ is now the core formula for LD Technology™, including all future innovations and extensions of LD Technology™.
  • Glove users can expect a pair of gloves that continues to offer reliable protection with greater functional benefits for their hands, and their well-being.