Benefit to User

Derma Friendly

Benefit to User

Derma Friendly

How can the glove formula
benefit your skin:

Does not contain latex protein

that triggers Type I allergy – not made with natural rubber latex.

Formulate without chemical accelerator

that leads to Type IV allergy. No Thiurams, Thiazoles, and Carbamates were added.

A formula with

excellent cross-linking

reduces glove residual (irritants) from causing contact transmission to the skin.

Sensitisation Potential Less
Than 1.5%

Clinically Tested

with Modified Draize-95, a required 510(K) clearance by U.S. FDA to use the Low Dermatitis Potential Claim.

Dermatest 5-STAR
Guarantee Seal

Clinically Tested

By renowned independent German Dermatology Institute.

Am I At Risk

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