The LD Technology™
Sustainability Initiative

As a forward-looking company, unceasing innovation and the pursuit of sustainability initiatives are key to our future, the health of glove users and the health of the environment.
Innovating towards

A Leaner, more Optimised Formula

Reduces the use of unnecessary chemicals in a shorter, more streamlined manufacturing process that does not compromise on the protection/safety qualities. A leaner, more optimised formula also enables the proper formation of chemical bonds resulting in very little leaching of excessive chemicals during the glove manufacturing process. In turn, the waste treatment process is more efficient, and kinder to the environment.
Innovating for

Glove Users’ Health

Occupational hazards are unavoidable risks associated with specific industries. That’s where gloves made with LD Technology™ play their part, by protecting users’ health arising from common glove issues such as allergies, hand fatigue, motor skills diseases or unwanted injuries.

Innovating to

Give Back to Nature

As part of our #StayLOW green agenda, the goal is to develop and implement sustainable initiatives for the restoration of nature — on Land, under the Sea and in the Air.






Know more about

Nature Projects

A collaboration with our LD Partners and driven by YOU, LD glove users worldwide

A Reforestation Campaign for the Land

As a start, we walk the talk
Total Planted (Year 2022)

200 Trees

Our First Project
Year 2023

For every 1,000 pairs of LD Technology™ gloves sold (featuring the StayLOW icon), USD 5 cents will be granted to the project fund.

Our Land Partners

A Certified B Corporation

Verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.
Visit StayLOW forest and see where our trees are planted!

Total Planted (Year 2023)

385 Trees as of October 2023

616 Trees as of December 2023


Grand Total to Date

1201 Trees