About LD Technology

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About LD Technology

In the early 90s, numerous reports of glove-induced allergies began to appear across the world. The allergy to natural rubber latex protein was so severe that demand from latex to nitrile gloves began to increase.

This, however, did not entirely solve the glove-induced allergies issues, as many people did not pay much attention to the harm caused by chemical accelerators generally found in rubber gloves. Many users who had switched to nitrile gloves were left disappointed when their hand allergy issues were still not resolved.

In 2005, a group of Malaysian and Japanese glove experts started researching these persisting allergy issues. They discovered that chemical accelerators found in rubber gloves had become another key trigger to glove induced-allergies.

After 4 years of research, LOW DERMA™ formula was created, and in 2009 they obtained their first patent for ‘No added sulphur and chemical accelerators in a synthetic glove formula’.

However, the team still had to ensure that the formula (LOW DERMA™) for enhanced nitrile gloves was consistent and stable in both quality and its promise of better allergy care. A commercial pilot program was then carried out to monitor the gloves over a span of 5 years, even though the gloves’ shelf life was only 3 years. Finally, in 2016, LOW DERMA™ Glove Technology was introduced to the world and LD Technology started offering its LOW DERMA™ formula for manufacture of premium gloves that offered glove-induced allergy care.

By 2019, LD Technology enhanced gloves had gained recognition and popularity among users who were looking for gloves that promised reliable protection. LD Technology not just able to offer assurances in addressing glove-induced allergies, in particular, natural rubber latex protein allergy and allergies caused by common Type IV allergens caused by glove chemical accelerators (namely Thiurams, Thiazoles, Carbamates). It also set a high benchmark to ensure the finished product complies with international regulatory standards and compliances.

Today, LD Technology is adopted by more than 100 glove brands worldwide, catering to a wide range of industries

– from healthcare to food handling, from industrial workers to tattoo artists – a clear testament of our continuous promise to provide better allergy care, comfort fit and protection for hands.